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Is your house in disarray? Are you constantly laying things down and forgetting where you left them?
You are not alone. Disorganization is a natural state of order in today’s society. Our hectic schedules leave little time for cleaning anymore. So how do you keep your home from being in constant chaos? Easy, with these seven simple tips.
  • Everything in it’s Place
If you were going to follow just one of our tips, I would say this is the most beneficial. Designating a certain spot for items and then putting them back every time goes a long way to keeping things organized.
  • Start Small
If your entire home is a mess don’t try to tackle it all head on. Instead start in one part of one room and give yourself frequent breaks. This way you won’t become discouraged and you will be able to organize better and see your progress.
  • Create Routines
Designating certain times to clean different things not only gets you into good habits, but also breaks up the work, so you are not doing as much at the same time.
  • Clean as you Go
Put your keys, purse, etc. here as soon as you walk in the door and you won’t find it scattered across your house later on.
When you walk into the kitchen for your cup of coffee, pick up that old stack of newspapers and take it with you as you leave. If you clean on the go, you save yourself a lot of unnecessary work later.
  • Put it away Now
If you put it away when you are done using it, you won’t have to put it away later, right?
  • Use an Inbox
Put all your unsorted mail, bills etc.,here. Just don’t forget to empty it!
  • Create a Catch-All
Use this spot for your keys, purse, etc. when you first come in the door and it won’t be scattered across your home later.
Stay tuned for more Cleaning tips and tricks by Kaela Fox

About maidomatic

We have a commitment to excellence, honesty, reliability, quality, and savings. These are the virtues that describe Maid O' Matic, and we have the credentials to prove it. We are licensed in the state of New Mexico. Maid O' Matic is a family and American owned and operated business. Commitment and dedication to excellence, honesty, reliability, quality & most importantly, your home & home security. These are the virtues that describe Maid O' Matic. We are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of New Mexico. • Privacy Policy • No bait & switch • Prices are clear and non- Negotiable • Big enough to get the job Done, small enough to Care • Locally owned and operated. • Established • Flexible • Unmarked Cars • BBB Accredited, Verisign Trusted • NM Chamber of Congress It is our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction that has enabled us to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

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