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Clean Like a Pro


Maid O’ Matic Cleaning services are masters when it comes to providing a quality cleaning service in an expedient manner. This is possible because of the countless hours they have spent implementing an efficient system that has proven to work in thousands of homes over a span of many years. Some might say, cleaning isn’t rocket science but others might just disagree. It’s not that it is truly rocket science but it does take time and extensive training to get it right. Let’s face it for some, there just simply isn’t enough time in the day to think about it much less do it with their busy schedules and for others, we’ll just say that they do not enjoy cleaning.


At Maid O’ Matic, we’ve broken this down into a few different categories. You could hire a professional cleaning service, hire an individual or simply do it yourself. We are not going to go into the grave details and benefits of hiring a professional versus the risks associated with hiring an individual. We’ve all been versed extensively on that subject and that is not rocket science by any means.


And so for you DIY experts out there, we thought we’d give you a few tips and tricks to make your cleaning experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.



  • Be considerate


Professional cleaning services do not cut corners; they make good use of their time which affords the opportunity for optimal productivity on the job. If cleaning technicians are not trained properly and do not have sufficient supervision during training, they can make dire mistakes such as create dangerous conditions through cross contamination or by leaving toxic residue on hard surfaces and floors or miss entire sections of a room, etc.


  • Scheduled Cleaning

Set a certain time for cleaning and stick with it!  Did you know that by spending fifteen minutes a day cleaning that you are well on your way to a clean home? Of course there are the necessary evils, e.g. disinfecting, scrubbing, etc. Try to find one day a week to perform these tasks. If you consistently follow through with this, you will find yourself less overwhelmed and have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy rather than trying to tackle a huge job on your only day off.


  • Remove Clutter


You would not expect a pro to clean your counter just by pushing things to the side and wiping it down, would you? Treat yourself the same way. You cannot be expected to clean a surface that has a bunch of things on it. Before starting your actual cleaning, go through your house, find a place for everything, pick up and put away any and all clutter that may block your way.


  • Clothing


Wear loose, comfortable clothes, remember, you will be moving in different directions and since cleaning requires a lot of bending and kneeling, you’ll want to protect your knees. Have a spare pair of rubber gloves, these come in handy when using commercial cleaning products or cleaning toilets. Many of the industrial strength cleansers contain dangerous and toxic chemicals including those of which you purchase at the grocery store. Always read the MSDS label on the back and follow the instructions as directed.


  • Gear

Assume you are sitting in a dentist’s chair and you see pliers, toothpicks and a wrench lying on the tray, you would think he was a pretty bad dentist, wouldn’t you? As with any thing you do, you need the right tools for the job. Opt for simple, strong cleaners that can be safely used for multiple cleaning tasks.


  • Gear Tote

Have you ever been cleaning an area of your house and realized you don’t have what you need for the job with you, have to run across the house to retrieve it and run to put it back? This is a problem that has a very easy solution. Find a bucket, a box or whatever works to contain your cleaning supplies. A good set of supplies to start with is a simple scrub brush, window cleaner, a disinfectant, an abrasive cleanser, pumas stone and a good set of rubber gloves.


  • Make every Movement Count


When the pros clean, you do not see them circle a room twice. The key is to thoroughly finish an area before moving to the next, move deliberately and clean everything in your path; this saves time and energy in the long run. Another common mistake is “Dead Arm Syndrome”; many of us have the tendency to clean with only our dominant hand, using both doubles your work efforts.


  • Tidy up for Next Time


This is one of the most important tips for speedy cleaning. If your supplies are together in one container and bottles refilled etc., you save massive amounts of time on your next cleaning project.


  • Be Motivated


Now the pros have you beat on this one, considering cleaning is their career, but it makes it much easier mentally if you are passionate about what you are doing. Think about how nice and fresh your home will be afterward and take pride in the fact, that you keep it in its lovely state.


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