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Candy canes on the shelves, the tinkling of bells in the air…

The holiday season is upon us! Along with the joy and fellowship it brings, it can also harbor headaches and frustration.

If you’re like most of us, you don’t have an endless supply of cash to throw into the holidays. Buying gifts for your family and friends alone, can break your wallet, not to mention all the decorating, that has become a time-honored tradition.

Here are some neat alternatives for decorating your house, without breaking the bank.

*Home Made Christmas Cards*

Making your own Christmas cards not only saves you a few bucks, they will also  have much more meaning to the people who receive them.


Use note cards. You can find them in a variety of sizes and either fold them in half or leave them as they are.

If you have kids, give them some markers, crayons or finger paint and let their natural artistic inspiration shine through!

Use a family photo, picture of a pet or just something that calls out to you!

Use items you already have lying around. Old buttons, a bit of tinsel, a dab of glue, and you have a unique card that is sure to hold many happy memories.

*Decorating Your Tree*

Here are some cute ideas for your tree, with items you probably already own!


Make popcorn strings! This inexpensive and yummy alternative to garland is easy to do. Simply thread a needle with any heavier thread you please and sew straight  through a piece of popcorn, repeat process until you have the desired length. Do you prefer a more colorful tree? Easy! Just pour a few drops of food coloring into a large plastic bag, add the popcorn, shake it up and thread it through! You may have to wait until the popcorn dries before threading.

Do you like the look of traditional ornaments, but not the cost?

Try cotton balls! Three cotton balls with a couple of straight pins stuck through, can make quaint, little snowmen. Once pinned together, just pluck at the bottom two balls to get that tiered look, use a marker, buttons or sequins for eyes and your finished! Then use a bread tie, or piece of thread to tie your snowmen to the tree!

Another idea is small children’s toys. Do you have any toy cars or little ponies that your children don’t play with anymore? These are the easiest ornaments to create! All you need to do is tie a piece of thread around a wheel or whatever you can, and voila! Instant ornaments!

*Home Decor*

Have you ever seen a house, where everywhere you look, there are reminders of the season? You can accomplish this easily, and have your family and friends in awe, at your holiday prowess.


Pine Cones! Pine Cones can be used in so many ways, are usually free, or extremely cheap, and are incredibly festive! Spray them gold, silver, the season’s colors or leave them as they are. A bowl filled with gold pine cones can be just the touch your coffee table needs. You can string them up and hang or your tree, or around the house. They are the perfect complement to any decoration.

Styrofoam Cup Angels!

These are some of the cutest decorations, and every one of them is unique!

All you need are: Styrofoam cups, straight pins, bread ties, gold paint, and kleenex!

To begin take a cup and turn it upside down, cut a round circle out of another cup and pin to the top. This is your angel’s head. use kleenex to make a veil for the head, once your satisfied with how it looks, pin into place. Use more kleenex to fashion a robe or dress and pin into place. Use one end of a bread tie to make a circle, and pin down the left over end, behind the angel’s head. Use gold paint for your halo and for any detail you’d like on the dress. Use a couple of bread ties to make large D shapes, then cover them with a couple of sheets of kleenex and pin to the back of the cup for your angel’s wings. Adjust until you are happy with how it looks, and be creative!

Home Made Wreaths!

There are so many types of wreaths you can make! All you need is a good base. For this take a wire coat hanger and straighten it out, then use it, to create a circle.

Now you have a lot of options, you can use garland, available at most dollar stores for a buck or two. Simply wrap the garland around it, in a spiral pattern. If you have bare spots that’s fine, you can just wrap another layer around it. Use ribbons to tie into small bows to decorate your wreath, and/or pine cones. alternatively, you can use actual branches from a pine tree, just use bread ties to secure to the wreath. Make sure to tie a piece of ribbon to the top, so you’ll have something to hang your wreath from.

Don’t forget to have fun! And remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

Wishing you a happy holiday season!

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