Are you suffering from clogged drains?

Here is a simple method to clear slow-draining bathroom or kitchen sinks using ordinary vinegar and a plunger.

First pour 1/4 cup of vinegar down the drain and let stand at least 20 minutes. Another very effective cleaning liquid can be created using a quarter cup of baking soda and then adding the vinegar, the resulting foaming action will clear the pipes.

Next flush the drain with hot water, freshly boiled water works best. Then use a plunger to agitate the clogged-up material. It may be necessary to block any sink overflow to help build suction. Then flush the drain again with hot water. Finally allow the water to drain. This should have effectively cleaned your pipes, and allow the water to flow freely once again.

Are your sink drain pipes leaking? Then follow these steps to replace them.

1. Loosen the nut securing the sink drainpipe to the home’s wall drain, using a pipe wrench. Turn the nut counterclockwise, then slide the nut away from the house pipe.

2. Turn the nut securing the sink drainpipes to the sink drain baskets counterclockwise with the pipe wrench. This disconnects the drain lines from the sink and pull the drain line out of the sink cabinet in one piece.

3. You will need a PVC sink drain kit. After separating all the kit pieces, find the plastic flat washers, and insert them into all of the slip nuts. Then take the long pipe that resembles an “L,” which is used for a double-bowl kitchen sink. With the threads of the nuts pointing toward the pipe ends slide a slip nut over each end of the pipe.  Find the short piece of pipe with the fitting on the side of the pipe. The upper part of the pipe will have a slip nut. These two pipes connect to the sink drain baskets.

4. Look at the bottoms of your sink, one of sink drain baskets will line up with the wall drain. Next thread the slip nut of the shorter pipe onto the bottom of the drain basket that lines up with the wall drain.

5. Dry-fit the longer pipe onto the opposite drain basket. The shorter hook on the pipe connects to the drain basket, while the other end fits inside the side of the first pipe. If the pipe is too long, cut the end of it to fit, using a hacksaw. Then insert the long end into the side of the first pipe. Next connect the other end of the pipe to the drain basket with the slip nut and slide the slip nut over the first drain and thread it loosely.

6. Place a slip nut over the lower open end of the first drain basket pipe, threads pointing down. Then position the P-trap pipe under the drain basket pipe and secure it loosely with the slip nut. The last piece of pipe connects the P-trap to the home’s wall drain.

7. Slide the slip nuts over each end of the remaining pipe, threads pointing toward the ends. Then insert one end of the pipe into the house wall drain and line up the other end with the end of the P-trap pipe. Thread the slip nuts over each connection.

8. Finally tighten all the slip nuts until they are hand-tight. Then turn each slip nut another 3/4 turn with slip-joint pliers. Next turn on the faucet and check the pipes for leaks around the connections and tighten as necessary.

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  1. Awesome article, I love how many different uses this solution has for the common householder. The best thing is its cheap and affordable too! As well as easy.

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